Sopping, sopping, there’s no stopping now



I like to soak you in silliness whenever I get the chance.

But it’s not just you.  I find myself awash with the witticisms that I find for you.

I’m immersed in it all, drenched by the overflow of what I’ve got for you, what I want to make sure you’re bathed in.

And as I leave the show every week, dripping from it all, I can only hope that you’ll still be there to towel me off enough to get to work on the archive so I can jump in again.



3 thoughts on “Sopping, sopping, there’s no stopping now

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    KTUF on

    Apparently, from all appearances, thou art impervious to said effect!

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    How long does it take for your metaphorical fingers and toes to get all pruney after soakin’?

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