Why don’t you leave it on repeat all day?

record player headAs though you could get me to stop repeating….

Someone asked me a few days ago how I could be on the radio and sound so in command when I’m such an introvert. (We can debate any part of that question another day.)  I explained it was because of my patter.  If I say the same thing over and over I won’t stray into territory where I make mistakes and have to clean it up later.

I may not tend to practice that behavior in most other parts of my life, or even in the programming of the show for that matter, but you hear me do it each and every week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.  (see how I did it right there?)

I repeat my words like a mantra, giving me a chance to center myself and know my footing, finding the time to get myself comfortable enough to give you what you want.  You hear the zipper of my hoodie going down so I can get to tank top status as I remind you that it’s two of the silliest hours…etcetera etcetera.  When I stray from my mental script though…well, I can fix that in post.  At least in the archive.

So wonder at the marvel of the nexus of self-propulsion and entanglement here in the archives of Bubbles in the Think Tank.


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