C’mon honey, do you hear what I’m doing now?

listentoradioYou listen so close.  You want to hear it all.  It’s all so musical.

Even when it’s not me…and it’s Sweet Joe Silver, Churlman of the Board, NYC Office!

Joe made it to the WMFO studios for the second in the everlasting series of Bubbles in the Think Tank episodes produced by members of our ever embiggening staff.

Joe is proof that they work hard for you.

You’ll love this archive, so get to it!


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  1. Joe on

    P.S. Damage control: Toward the end of the show, I commented that Belinda had wanted not to have the staff in the studio during the broadcast. I want to emphasize that she suggested this for *my* benefit! She thought I’d be nervous enough without having to entertain my fellow staffers. Actually, having them there helped put me at ease – as did Belinda herself, who is very skilled at it, and makes it look effortless!

  2. Joe on

    I downloaded this and listened all the way through. Hey, that Sweet Joe Silver guy programmed a pretty good show!…

    For me, this is a great souvenir of a fabulous evening. I know that by now, Belinda is sick of my thanking her, but I have to say publicly once again how much I appreciate her having made this happen, not to mention having edited the show to make it sound just a bit slicker than it did in real life. And it was great to see Fred, Freddy, and Paul, and to share the spotlight with them.

    Finally, apologies to you, the listener, for my sporadic coughing fits. I’m better now.

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