When lights are few you know what to do

darkhotelIt seems like we’re almost always together after dark.

I may do the occasional daytime show, but by and large I wait until the sun goes down.  I like to work blue, after all.

But I don’t like the bright lights.  I’d rather find the lamp that keeps the room shadowy or light some candles to keep everything in motion and just a little bit fuzzy.

It must be the way I learned to love radio, holding that little box tight under the sheets in my dark room with just that little light to remind me that I wasn’t dreaming about all the goodness there with me.  I took notes even so I’d remember every bit of what was in that bed with me.

So enjoy this archive in whatever light level suits you.  You’ll know what to do.


One reply on “When lights are few you know what to do”

  1. Marshwell Nederick mockwell on

    So every time I get to the Babs Mason I am overcome with swoon and other wonderful things.
    (No shit TH)It might take a while to get through this swoonfest 🙂

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