Let it rain, let it pour, ’cause I think he knows just what it’s rainin’ for!

car rain is goodThere’s no doubt about this kind of thing when it comes to me.

You’ve read way too many of my ramblings over the years about me and rain and thunder and all that.

Yet somehow these days I love it even more than I ever did before.  It seems like all I ever want is to be in the rain.  Just recently I forgot my umbrella as I went to work.  On the walk from the train to the office, I took off my top shirt and walked tank-topped from there with the rain on my shoulders on a lovely summer morning.  Yes, I was wearing the cutest rainhat ever.  And yes, that morning started my day off right.

Now, if I could be in the rain and with you doing the show at the same time…well…I don’t know if I could stand it.

Maybe we can listen to this archive while walking in the rain.  I’ll take what I can get.


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