Like to make you comfy cozy

comfyWhat’s the point of the show anyway?

Why would I ever want to get together with you and not have you feel like you’re all wrapped up in the silkiness of the silliness?

How could I hold on to you for those hours and not leave you knowing that you are the perfect bundle of frivolity?

I need for you to know that, when our time together is through for the time being, making you feel so cozy in the comfy was the most important thing that I could have done for that time.  And it’s probably the most important thing I’ll do until we do it again.

So relive it now, okay? Okay!


One reply on “Like to make you comfy cozy”

  1. Fred Freddy Fredericky Stuckwell on

    Nice pic ! Now that’s COMFY and COZY ! Just the way you make us tankers feel, along with other enjoyable adjectives ending in Y. Yes TWICIT xxoo

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