Now we’re all alone with the lights on down low

FirelightI’ve taken to turning the lights down in the studio like I used to.

Way way back in the moist cavernous bosom of the majestic Alms Hotel, I would even pack in my own lights so I wouldn’t have to sit under the unkind florescents.

Nowadays I can just turn off half of the lights and get closer to the mood I want with you.  For the really important times, I have been known to pack a stash of emergency candles (they go so well with my emergency pillow).

And I know you…you like a good lighting situation, too.  Not so dark you can’t see while you listen to my sounds.  And certainly not so bright to cause you any inhibition.

I mean, how else could we get that kind of stick shaking action?

Find out in this archive.


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