June 11, 2020 archive – Revisiting Sweet Joe Silver


Way back in 2013, I wanted all of the members of the Bubbles in the Think Tank Ever Embiggening Staff to put together their own episode of the show.  A few took me up on it, but the one nearest to my heart was from The Chulman of the Board in the New York Office, Sweet Joe Silver.  He took a bus from NYC to Boston in order to make it happen.  We had a Staff Caucus where many important decisions were hashed out over caliente margaritas.

Joe was so proud of the show.  He said:

I downloaded this and listened all the way through. Hey, that Sweet Joe Silver guy programmed a pretty good show!…

For me, this is a great souvenir of a fabulous evening. I know that by now, Belinda is sick of my thanking her, but I have to say publicly once again how much I appreciate her having made this happen, not to mention having edited the show to make it sound just a bit slicker than it did in real life. And it was great to see Fred, Freddy, and Paul, and to share the spotlight with them.


These are the kinds of shows that make me proud, too.  If we can do just a little bit every week to make someone a little happier than they were before the show started, then it’s all worth it.  After all, it’s nice to be nice when you know that you’re nice. And if you see somebody walking down the street without a smile, give them yours and say “MMMM MM!  That felt good!”

I love you, Sweet Joe.  Now and forever.



Listen to the full Joe episode from June 6, 2013…clocking in at 3 hours!  


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