Bubbles in the Think Tank
Who knew what a complex organism it would become.

The radio show originated at WAIF 88.3FM, Stepchild Radio in Cincinnati, Ohio.  In those early days, well before the birth of January Fairy, the show existed as Insanity Palace, hosted by David Andrew Dugle in the late 1970s.  When he moved on to bigger and better, his long-time listener, Bill Brinkmoeller, stepped in to fill the seat with the derivatively named Unsanitary Outhouse.  Bill provided his expert guidance for years until handing the baton to Belinda, who could not bear to use the derivative Insatiable Orafice, instead taking the name Bubbles in the Think Tank.  The January Fairy came upon the scene and held court in the coveted Sunday night cum Monday morning time slot since Belinda put on her walking shoes to evangelize the silliness of the show across this great land.

Sadly, the WAIF version of Bubbles in the Think Tank came to an end in April 2012.  All four hosts came together for a final episode, which you really should listen to here.

The more haphazard and somewhat mobile safari of silliness known as Belinda can be found online at bubblesinthethinktank.com and broadcasting live who knows where.  These days she can usually be found on Saturday nights on WMFO 91.5FM in Boston at 11pm eastern.  She’s pretty well settled in there, but always keep an eye out for extra shows, usually announced at the Bubbles in the Think Tank Facebook Fan Page.

In the meantime, contact us anytime.



David Andrew Dugle aka Rusty Pipes

Bill Brinkmoeller…

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