December 3, 2011 Playlist

NRBQ “Trouble at the Henhouse” from Tapdancin’ Bats – The Anniversary Edition (1998) on Rounder (

David Seville “Pretty Dark Eyes” from The Music of David Seville

Gene Vincent “Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me” from Gene Vincent (1998) on K-Tel

David Greenberger, Mark Greenberg, Paul Cebar “The Brunette King” from Tell Me That Before

T & T “Perfectly Proportioned” from Perfectly Proportioned on Bolt

Bryce Bond “Tight Quarter Sports Car” from Bryce Bond’s Bachelor Apartment

Chandler Travis “Sex Magnet” from Hi, I’m Lippy Blappinklappy

Jim Backus “The Dirty Old Man” from The Dirty Old Man on Dore

Dinah Washington “Old Man’s Darlin’” from Old Man’s Darlin’ (1953)

Uncle Dave Lewis “An Alaskan Farewell” from An Alaskan Farewell

The Blenders “Signifying Monkey” from Signifying Monkey (1948) on Miltone

Ruth Wallis “The Sexiest Girl in Town” from How to Stay Sexy Tho Married

Eric Weber “Walking the Dog” from Picking Up Girls Made Easy (1975) on Symphony Press

Flight of The Conchords “Business Time” from Flight of the Conchords (2008) on HBO TV Series

Sammy Lara “Silly Sally” from Girls Girls Girls

Shorty Long “Nine Little Kisses” from Nine Little Kisses on Valley

Coco Robicheaux “Mushrooms At Night” from Revelator (2010) on Spiritland Records — RadiObituary – Coco Robicheaux

Coco Robicheaux, Maria Muldaur “Mushrooms At Night” from Get You A Healin’ Special Anniversary Re-Release (2010) on NOMAF/The Orchard — RadiObituary – Coco Robicheaux

Eddie Costa “If I Were a Bell” from Guys and Dolls Like Vibes (1958) on Verve Records — RadiObituary – Paul Motian

Carla Bley “Funnybird Song” from Tropic Appetites (1974) on Universal Music Classics & Jazz — RadiObituary – Paul Motian

Mose Allison “The More You Get” from Gimcracks and Gewgaws — RadiObituary – Paul Motian

Paul Motian “Little Foot” from The Windmills of Your Mind — RadiObituary – Paul Motian

Aerosmith “Uncle Salty” from Toys in the attic (1974) on Sony — RadiObituary – Don Devito

Candi Staton “Clean Up America” from Candi (1974) on Rhino/Warner Bros. ( — RadiObituary – Tom Roady

Sam Bush “Funk” from Late as Usual (1985) on Rounder — RadiObituary – Tom Roady

Joe Loss Orchestra “Samba: Brazil” from Joe Loss Orchestra Plays Strict Tempo Ballroom Vol. 2 (2010) on The Digital Gramophone — RadiObituary – Ross MacManus

The MacManus Gang “A Town Called Big Nothing” from Out of Our Idiot (1987) on Demon — RadiObituary – Ross MacManus

The Heptones “Hypocrite” from Meet the Now Generation (2009) on VP Music Group, Inc. — RadiObituary – Barry Llewellyn

The Heptones “I’m In the Mood for Love” from Peace And Harmony: The Trojan Anthology (2004) on Sanctuary — RadiObituary – Barry Llewellyn

Hans Reichel “Hohou Speaks” from Lower Lurum (1994) on Ratascan Records — RadiObituary – Hans Reichel

Typeradio Berlin “Hans Reichel” from Typeradio — RadiObituary – Hans Reichel

Hans Reichel “Give Me Money” from Shanghaied on Tor Road (1992) on Free Music Production — RadiObituary – Hans Reichel

Teenage Fanclub “Pet Rock” from Bandwagonesque (1991) on DGC — RadiObituary – Keef Hartley

The Artwoods “Stop And Think It Over” from Art Gallery (1966) — RadiObituary – Keef Hartley

Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed “The Mad Russian” from Me and Chet — RadiObituary – Paul Yandell

Kitty Wells “I’ll Repossess My Heart” from It Wasnt God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels (2006) on HHO Licensing — RadiObituary – Paul Yandell

Jimmy C. Newman “Let’s Stay Together” from A Little Bit of this — RadiObituary – Paul Yandell

The Everly Brothers “Not Fade Away” from Pass the Chicken & Listen (1972) on RCA/Legacy — RadiObituary – Paul Yandell

Tommy Dorsey “Another Perfect Night Is Ending” from Another Perfect Night Is Ending (1937)

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