Eponymously Entitled

Last year we made a purple record.

This year we decided we were going to do something completely different.

We made a record that's NOT purple.

It was the first ever Bubbles in the Think Tank record, the Petite 7 Inch Record.
It was a record about records released just in time for Record Store Day.
It may have been the the apex of our life's work.
Why not do it again? And this time make it Eponymously Entitled.


Brought to You by:

Belinda - Dominatrix of the Airwaves & Most Exalted Monkey Queen of Rock & Roll
January Fairy - Effervescent Queen & Voice In Your Dreams

The Ever Embiggening Staff of Bubbles in the Think Tank:

Rich Culbertson - Executive Producer
Fred Boak - Associate Producer & Our Valet (when Chandler isn’t using him)
Marshall Frederick Stockwell, Jr - Titular Head of Research
Joe Silver - Churlman of the Board, New York office
Vince Hans - RadiObituary Collaborator from TheMusicsOver.com
Paul Cirincione - Spiritual Advisor
Not Todd - Keymaster in Charge of Quality Control
Saint Slade - Cat Wrangler
Scott Cornish - Ambassador Feelgood

The Upstanding Production Staff:

Fred Boak - Artist Wrangler and Moral Support
Todd Remley - Art Director
Yutaka Suzuki - Artist (front cover)
Cal Schenkel - Label design
Marshal Frederick Stockwell Jr. - Titular art contributions
Uncle Dave Lewis - Musicologist
Mike Conway - Crisp Captioning
Paul Cirincione - Record Release Party coordinator

Special Thanks:
Mr. Rhythm Man for unwittingly titling this record
David Andrew Dugle and Bill Brinkmoeller who started it all
Scott Hull, Groovy Advice
Paul Rapp, Esq.
You, The Listener. Yes, it is all about you.
The artists, both on this record and The Petite 7 Inch
Especially Ray Mason who inspired me to finally do this and may well be the best human on the planet
And Chandler Travis who refuses to believe that he has anything to do with why I do everything

After expenses, proceeds from this record will go to support the station and streams that deliver Bubbles in the Think Tank to you. We love WMFO!

Produced in loving memory of Tommy Ardolino. MEOW