The Petite 7 Inch Record

Dear Record Buyer,

Belinda and January Fairy, your hostesses of Bubbles in the Think Tank, are proud to present to you this first ever Petite 7 Inch made just in time for Record Store Day! It’s our chance to give to you, the listener, even more stick shaking silliness for you to spin whenever you deem necessary.

We’ve wanted to do this for you for years. This year just felt like the one. We needed to make something that you could hold in your hands, something you could caress, something that would make us a little closer to you.

So enjoy a handful of Think Tank Favorites on this record about records. If you listen to it enough, we’ll do it again for you next year! We know that’s what you always want from do it again and again.

Belinda & January Fairy



The Ever Embiggening Staff of Bubbles in the Think Tank:

Belinda - Dominatrix of the Airwaves & Most Exalted Monkey Queen of Rock & Roll
January Fairy - Effervescent Queen & Voice In Your Dreams
Rich Culbertson - Executive Producer
Fred Boak - Associate Producer & Our Valet (when Chandler isn’t using him)
Paul Cirincione - Spiritual Advisor
Marshall Frederick Stockwell, Jr - Titular Head of Research
Joe Silver - Churlman of the Board, New York office
Vince Hans -

Loads-o-Thanks to the RSD P7I Production Team:
Fred Boak - Associate Producer
Paul Cirincione - Art Director
Marshall Frederick Stockwell Jr. - Titular Head of front cover design
Saint Eric Slade - Label design
Joe Silver - PR Man
Todd Remley - Master Backer

Special Thanks:
Paul Rapp, Esq.
Alan Pastman
Bill Brinkmoeller
David Andrew Dugle
You, The Listener
The artists, but especially Ray Mason who made me know I had to do this and Chandler Travis without whom I never would have done this
And everyone who didn’t say we shouldn’t do this

After expenses, proceeds from this record will go to support the stations and streams that deliver Bubbles in the Think Tank to you. We love WMFO and WAIF!

Produced in loving memory of Tommy Ardolino. MEOW