February 25, 2012 Playlist

NRBQ “Tapdancin’ Bats” from Tapdancin’ Bats – The Anniversary Edition (1998) on Rounder (http://www.rounder.com)

Paulette “I Really Like To Show Off My Ass” from Paulette Plays Music Again (2007)

The Real Kids “Do the Boob” from The Real Kids (1991) on Norton Records

Terry Noland “Look at Me” from Brunswick Rock & Roll Party

King Coleman “Black Bottom Blues” from It’s Dance Time! (2006) on Norton Records

The Master of Horror “A Zippy Nip” from A Zippy Nip

Frankie Lester “Nip Sip” from Rockin’ is Not Our Business

Ruth Wallis “Swinging Derriere” from He Wants a Little…Pizza on King

Drink Up Buttercup “Young Ladies” from Born and Thrown On a Hook (2010) on Yep Roc

Gene Phillips “Big Legs” from Blowing the Fuse – 28 R&B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox In 1947 (2011) on Bear Family Records GmbH

MAD Magazine “Please Betty Jane (Shave Your Legs)” from “Twists” Rock ‘n’ Roll (1962)

Wildkats! “The Boob Song” from WILDKATS! On the Prowl (2002) on WILDKATS!

Joe Costa “Bulky Knit Sweater” from Bulky Knit Sweater (1962) on WB (http://www.nonesuch.com/)

Club 76 “Your Body Not Your Soul” from Your Body Not Your Soul (1965) on GMG MG

Life in a Blender “Tiny Ankles” from Two Legs Bad (1997) on Fang Records

Lene Alexandra “My Boobs Are OK (Original)” from My Boobs Are OK (2007) on The Dance Division

Versatones “Tight Skirt Tight Sweater” from Lux & Ivy’s Favorites

Dale Hawkins “Gooblie Booblie” from Dale Rocks (2007) on Bear Family

Bette Midler “The Unfettered Boob” from Mud Will Be Flung Tonight!

The Cleaners From Venus “Illya Kuryakin Looked at Me” from Golden Cleaners (1993)

Jimmy Cavello & His House Rockers “Ooh-Wee (You Sure Look Good To Me)” from Alan Freed’s Rock N’ Roll Dance Party (2009) on Master Classics Records

Glen Campbell “Turn Around, Look At Me” from Turn Around, Look At Me (1961) on Challenge

Wando “Samba Da Poeira” from Retratos: Wando (2004) on EMI Brazil — RadiObituary – Wando

Wando “Coracoes Lusitanos” from Retratos: Wando (2004) on EMI Brazil — RadiObituary – Wando

Dollhouse “Ode to Ra” from Rock and Soul Circus (2004) on Dim Mak Records — RadiObituary – Michael Davis

MC5 “I Can Only Give You Everything (live)” from The Anthology 1965-1971 — RadiObituary – Michael Davis

Destroy All Monsters “Paranoid of Blonds” from Destroy All Monsters 1974-1976 — RadiObituary – Michael Davis

Robert Crenshaw “Shakin Street” from Victory Songs (2010) on Treefort Records LLC — RadiObituary – Michael Davis

Roger Ruskin Spear “Pinball Wizard” from Unusual (1973) — RadiObituary – Steve Kordek

Brian Protheroe “Pinball” (1973)  — RadiObituary – Steve Kordek

Merle Kilgore “Pinball Machine” from Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves (1963) — RadiObituary – Steve Kordek

The Pointer Sisters “Pinball Number Count” from Songs From The Street: 35 Years Of Music (1972) — RadiObituary – Steve Kordek

Dory Previn “The Obscene Phone Call” from Dory Previn (1972) — RadiObituary – Dory Previn

Sun Ra “The Bad and the Beautiful” from We Travel the Spaceways / Bad and Beautiful (1992) on EVIDENCE MUSIC INC. — RadiObituary – Dory Previn

Dory Previn “I Wake Up Slow” from We’re Children of Coincidence and Harpo Marx (1976) on Rhino/Warner Bros. (http://www.rounder.com) — RadiObituary – Dory Previn

James Moody “Moody’s Mood” from Sax & Flute Man (2001) on P-VINE (http://www.matadorrecords.com/) — RadiObituary – Jodie Christian

Melvin Jackson “Ma She’s Makin Eyes at Me” from funky skull (1960) on dusty groove — RadiObituary – Jodie Christian

Eddie Harris “Live Right Now” from What It Is! — RadiObituary – Jodie Christian

Melvin Jackson “Everybody Loves My Baby” from funky skull (1960) on dusty groove — RadiObituary – Jodie Christian

The Minus 5 “Vulture” from Old Liquidator (1997) on Hollywood (http://www.kemado.com) — RadiObituary – Kearney Barton

The Sonics “Hanky Panky” — RadiObituary – Kearney Barton

The Young Fresh Fellows “Love Is a Beautiful Thing” from It’s Low Beat Time — RadiObituary – Kearney Barton

John F. Kennedy “Democratic Women” from The JFK Wit: Highlights of Major Speeches Given By John F. Kennedy (1999) on SpeechWorks Records — RadiObituary – Kearney Barton

Les Sexareenos “Everybody Sexareeno!” from 28 Party Dancers from Montreal’s Finest:  Singles & Unreleased — RadiObituary – Kearney Barton

The A-Bones “Call the Zoo” from Crash the Party (1996) on Norton Records — RadiObituary – Kearney Barton

Ella Mae Morse & Tennessee Ernie Ford “I’m Hog-Tied Over You” from 16 Tons of Boogie — RadiObituary – Billy Strange

Glen Campbell “Sassy” from Big Bad Rock Guitar of Glen Campbell (1965) on Nashville Catalog — RadiObituary – Billy Strange

The Everly Brothers “Bowling Green” from The Everly Brothers Sing (1967) on Rhino/Warner Bros. (http://www.rounder.com) — RadiObituary – Billy Strange

Love “The Daily Planet” from Forever Changes (1967) on _ (http://www.sony.com) — RadiObituary – Billy Strange

Nancy Sinatra “The End of the World” from Country, My Way (2006) on Boots Enterprises, Inc. — RadiObituary – Billy Strange



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