I’m ignoring our expiration date


I can’t even imagine an expiration to these times. Sure, sometimes it’s curtains for us but only so no one can see. When I talk about my last breath, it’s usually about catching it after a particularly fine romp through Read more ›

Cross my fingers, uncross the others


My fingers are always crossed right up until I’m on the air with you. The happy chance that it works for us every time can only be a run of luck.  The flukiness of it all plunges my mind. But Read more ›

I wanna go on a huggin’ binge


I like huggin’. Nothing beats getting all bundled up in the battiness every week with you.  There will be some cuddling just we can have the all important “kuh” sound, but we’ll also have some frottage in our cottage. I’ll Read more ›

A girl without an umbrella relaxes in the rain


I know how to relax. Sometimes I might forget to do it, but nothing gets me more ready than a night in the rain.  A little mist through a window landing right on me, the sounds of the drops hitting. Read more ›

I’m a cool candidate


Thanks for voting for me every single week. I’m a dark horse, canvassing you until you’ve been completely covered in my handbills. A baby kisser from way back, I only want to nominate you to be my running mate.  You Read more ›

Just me and you and the radio


It’s always just us.  And that’s how we seem to like it. Even with everyone else there, too, it still feels like it’s just you and me. I appear unescorted as I search for any discrete opportunity to remind you Read more ›

I turn her right around and come in


I love it when I turn around and you’re right there. Ready. Ready with your retort.  Ready to circulate in the throng of Bubbles in the Think Tank Facebook Fans.  Ready to swivel to whatever silliness spins from my sensorium. And Read more ›

You sparkle and you bubble


How could I do anything other than sparkle when you’re around?   The way we frolic together would make anyone glisten. That glint when you’re watching makes me bubble up with the silliness that causes that twinkle. And after all Read more ›

And then I asked her if she fancied some of this cheese


I’ve never hidden my love of cheese from you. A slice of a good hard cheese gets me churning inside.  I’m so ready for a wedge of a fine frommage I just want to spread it on my wafer as Read more ›

Someday, I’m gonna pet you


Someday?  Don’t I mean every single Saturday night? Of course I do.  Every week I show up at the stroke of 11pm eastern looking for you. And that’s when the fondling begins.  I try to feel you up to assess Read more ›

To be a girl they notice takes more than a fancy dress


I’m not afraid to admit that I like it when you notice me. When you pick up on my presence, I get a little pick up of my own. I can tell you’re trying to make out exactly what’s in Read more ›

April 21, 2012 Playlist


Bubbles in the Think Tank (Freeform) with Belinda 04/21/2012 11:00PM to 01:00AM Fred “Freddy” Stockwell “Hurray for Record Store Day” from Petite 7 Inch NRBQ “Trouble At the Henhouse” from Tapdancin’ Bats – The Anniversary Edition (1998) on Rounder (http://www.rounder.com) Read more ›

April 14, 2012 Playlist


NRBQ “Trouble At the Henhouse” from Tapdancin’ Bats – The Anniversary Edition (1998) on Rounder (http://www.rounder.com) The Royals “Gas Happy Mama” from The Okeh Rhythm & Blues Story Stereo Total “Heaven’s In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac” from Jukebox Read more ›

I can put that smile back on your face


Sometimes that smile is the most important part of our time together. We don’t always get to see it as close as we’d like to, but when we do…man o man…is it something else. But it’s always so good to Read more ›

Makes a bee think of honey


The show makes me think of a lot of things.  I think it does that for all of us. But I always seem to come back to the same thoughts even after all this time.  Yet the show is never Read more ›

To spend one night with you in our old rendezvous


We come back to the same spot time after time.  Yet it never gets old. We do the same things there.  Every time, they’re just as good. Sometimes you’ll introduce a little surprise…I love those times. It’s always one night Read more ›

March 3, 2012 Playlist


Bubbles in the Think Tank (Freeform) with Belinda 03/03/2012 11:00PM to 01:00AM NRBQ “Trouble At the Henhouse” from Tapdancin’ Bats – The Anniversary Edition (1998) on Rounder (http://www.rounder.com) The Everly Brothers “(You Got) The Power of Love” from In Our Read more ›

February 25, 2012 Playlist


NRBQ “Tapdancin’ Bats” from Tapdancin’ Bats – The Anniversary Edition (1998) on Rounder (http://www.rounder.com) Paulette “I Really Like To Show Off My Ass” from Paulette Plays Music Again (2007) The Real Kids “Do the Boob” from The Real Kids (1991) Read more ›

When you’re sittin’ with your honey just as cozy as can be


I don’t know why I’ve been thinking so much about spending time by a fire lately. So bright, so warm…I want to get so close and almost feel the flames on my skin. It gets so hot I have to Read more ›

Knock on my door and we’ll go from there


No matter how busy I am, I’ll always answer the door when you knock on it. Yes, I will duck other visitors, but they’re not you. I like the way you have of coming right up to the door, waiting Read more ›

You make me feel so good when the moon is shinin’ bright


Some nights, when we first get together, I just ain’t feelin’ right. But within seconds, I manage to adjust my attitude…and it seems like yours, too. It’s so easy when it happens even when I’m sure there can’t be any Read more ›

The B’s Knees – Best of 2011


2011 surprisingly made this B’s knees weak on any number of occasions. And the music was pretty good, too. Here’s the rundown of our faves with a smattering of the running commentary from the staff and listeners over at the Read more ›

December 10, 2011 Playlist


NRBQ “Trouble at the Henhouse” from Tapdancin’ Bats – The Anniversary Edition (1998) on Rounder (http://www.rounder.com) Nick Lowe “’Til The Real Thing Comes Along” from The Old Magic (2011) on YepRoc Wynonie Harris “Lovin’ Machine” from Lovin’ Machine (1952) Jerry Read more ›

December 3, 2011 Playlist


NRBQ “Trouble at the Henhouse” from Tapdancin’ Bats – The Anniversary Edition (1998) on Rounder (http://www.rounder.com) David Seville “Pretty Dark Eyes” from The Music of David Seville Gene Vincent “Hold Me, Hug Me, Rock Me” from Gene Vincent (1998) on Read more ›

Promise you want me to stay


I know…we can’t be together all of the time. But what if we were? Would we still get so excited about being together?  Would it still be as comfortable?  Would I still make you laugh?  Would I still make you Read more ›

A little hug becomes huge instantly


I like it when I get my first grab of you. You know the one.  That first moment when we get together and it’s like I can’t even wait to give you what you came there for. You aren’t even Read more ›

I’ve nibbled the cheese of it


We’ve had our fair share of cheese at Bubbles in the Think Tank over these many years. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t enjoyed every bit of it. Some times we’re a little salty like a feta, yet we crumble Read more ›

I’d like to talk when I can show you my affection


You know how much I travel for work.  But the whole time I’m gone, I’m just thinking about what I’m going to say to you next. I say things to you in so many different ways.  Sometimes I speak directly Read more ›