C’mon honey, do you hear what I’m doing now?


You listen so close.  You want to hear it all.  It’s all so musical. Even when it’s not me…and it’s Sweet Joe Silver, Churlman of the Board, NYC Office! Joe made it to the WMFO studios for the second in Read more ›

We’ll meet in the darkness in our secret place


It was a dark stormy night.  Just the way I like them. The rain on the windows, the thunder in the distance, and you right there with me. I really don’t know what could make it any better. Oh yeah…more Read more ›

We’ll have one more night together


It doesn’t matter what we do. It doesn’t matter where we do it.  Even though comfort is nice. It doesn’t matter if I don’t say a word.  Even though I know you always want to hear me. It doesn’t matter Read more ›

I’ve nibbled the cheese of it


We’ve had our fair share of cheese at Bubbles in the Think Tank over these many years. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t enjoyed every bit of it. Some times we’re a little salty like a feta, yet we crumble Read more ›