Making the nighttime a fool


Who’s making who the fool? I love the nighttime.  I want to be awake for more of it.  Or at least aware of the best parts of it. Things get quieter.  The dark feels cozy.  I’m more attentive.  At least Read more ›

Turn n’ tease, hug n’ squeeze


Mike Conway from Classic Rock Mine is no tease. When he says he’s going to deliver, he does. And sitting in for me on this episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank, it was like he knew every button, every knob, Read more ›

And you know when I’m down to just my socks what time it is


I know…we go through this every week. I talk about how I lay myself bare for you at the show. I wax on about how good you are to me for being there. But you know I wouldn’t keep telling Read more ›

Just imagine a few days alone


I love spending time alone together whenever we can.  Lucky for us, it comes right together each weekend. Yet I still want more.  More time.  More of your attention.  More of all of those little things you give me that Read more ›