Turn n’ tease, hug n’ squeeze


Mike Conway from Classic Rock Mine is no tease. When he says he’s going to deliver, he does. And sitting in for me on this episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank, it was like he knew every button, every knob, Read more ›

As if the show wasn’t big enough already, here’s catch up to the fifth power.


When passwords and user ID’s and previously saved form-thingies go missing, Muffin tends to slack off. Just a bit mind you. I mean it not like she’s a month… 2 months… ‘that’ far behind. So enjoy 10 or so hours Read more ›

With you til the end… and beyond


It was the last BitTT Original of the year. But we’ll be back next year… … In 6 days All shiny and silly in 2011.

I noticed they kept walloping me on the head


One of the shows I’ve been lucky enough to sub for in my time is Terminal Whimsy.  When the host of the show, Andrea, first started, her plan was to play a lot of Goon Show episodes. That’s when I Read more ›