Don’t encourage me, baby, or I’ll go too far


You’re always doing it.  Nudging me right along.  Even when I think I’m done, you make me know that if I just hang on another moment or two that it’ll be even better. You incite me to excitement, you stimulate Read more ›

Well let’s work up an appetite


I get really really hungry sometimes. And, when I do, I get a little crazy.  All I can think about is devouring what isn’t in front of me.  I try to figure out how to get it and get it Read more ›

I see you standing all alone by the stereo


When you see me at the stereo, you know I’m likely there thinking about you. That’s when I’m thinking through the show, searching for the perfect piece that you just have to hear. The piece that will tell you everything Read more ›

Not the whole hog, you know


Another week, another big thanks, this time to Mike from Classic Rock Mine for sitting in at Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST.  He’s been a great addition to the Posse and the whole Think Tank team is glad to Read more ›

Under the stars on a big hard rock


Have you ever listened to Bubbles in the Think Tank outside?  Not just out on the porch, but really out there. I, obviously, never got to do it.  I’ve always been inside the studio.  A somewhat controlled environment (I am Read more ›

Well, that’s the good with the bad


Not everyone loves everything we do at Bubbles in the Think Tank.  Sometimes I don’t even love everything we do. Say it ain’t so!  If Belinda can’t love it, then what are the adoring masses to think? Sometimes, I love Read more ›

The Pride never stops at Bubbles in the Think Tank


By popular request, listen to the archive of our Pride weekend festivities at Bubbles in the Think Tank. From the stand up stylings of Marga “It’s a pussy not a pinata” Gomez to the insanity of the Double Dong Directive, Read more ›