Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST debuts this week!

You can finally stop holding your breath…Belinda returns to a regular weekly timeslot on actual airwaves this week!

Bubbles in the Think Tank makes its east coast debut this Saturday November 1st at 11pm eastern.  It’ll be a one-hour distillation of silliness and whatever else breaks through the noise in a given week.

Of course, you’ll be able to listen not just via broadcast signal on WMFO 91.5FM in Boston, but also online at WMFO.org and possibly via archives years from now.

And you know you’ve always got access to January Fairy each and every Sunday night cum Monday morning midnight to 2am on WAIF 88.3FM in Cincinnati.

Until then, let me know you’re listening.

3 replies on “Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST debuts this week!”

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  2. I’m just thankful you knew it wasn’t me!

    I told the programmer when he did it that he might be scaring off my biggest fan…

  3. Not Todd on

    Monster Mash? Oh, man.

    I know, not your fault. 🙂

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