October 17, 2020 archive – HURRY!

Sometimes you just want to fast forward to the end of something…get it over with, move on to the next thing.  I am so ready for that.  Come on, let’s push this thing over the line! Playlist

September 12, 2020 archive – What’s your favorite length?

The most challenging free association ever…it seemed like a good idea at the time to find out what you, the listener, thought the best song length is.  Sure, it was a lot of work that elicited much swearing.  But the Read more ›

July 25, 2020 archive – Free Association

Some days are busier than others.  And when they are, you, the listener, are always there and ready to help me with a good old fashioned Free Ass. I am forever grateful. Seemed like a rollicking good time last night…I Read more ›

July 18, 2020 archive

Sometimes an all obit show is what you need, so that’s what you get. And by YOU, I mean the backlog. There’s something for everyone in this collection of remembrances … swamp pop, documentary film, yet another Sun Ra player, Read more ›

June 11, 2020 archive – Revisiting Sweet Joe Silver

  Way back in 2013, I wanted all of the members of the Bubbles in the Think Tank Ever Embiggening Staff to put together their own episode of the show.  A few took me up on it, but the one Read more ›

May 23, 2020 archive

Nothing cute, just a plain old Bubbles in the Think Tank archive. We might even see more of them pop up here!  Wouldn’t that be just lovely? I think it would. Playlist

I didn’t mean to STOP

Ok, so things changed. Technical difficulties. General stuff. Let’s try to get back on track, but don’t go expecting pithy posts related to anything for a while. It’s gonna be a process. But, hey, it’s an archive, so be happy. Read more ›

I like my potatoes and I like ’em fried!

I know what you like. And this show has all of it. So don’t hold back.  Listen to it all and twice.   Playlist

I do the work, you do the play

One of us has to do stay focused, right? I don’t mind it being me as long as I can turn it off now and then. So promise me you’ll help me put all that real world stuff behind me Read more ›

You are here and so am I

I love being in the same place as you. We don’t get to do that nearly enough, but at least we have the show so we can feel like we’re together. And then there’s the archive…so you can put me in your Read more ›

Take the word of a bird with an ear

Hey, bird! I say things.  You listen.  At least that’s how it seems to go. I try to say what I mean in the way most pleasing to you.  Sometimes it feels like too much.  But at the same time, Read more ›

Well we’ll go here and there and everywhere covered in sequins

I go lots of places, but I always want to take you along. Someday maybe we can get it together to take our show on the road, but only if you’re right there with me. Until then, take me with Read more ›

You think that might be what you fancy?

I always want to know what you like.  What you want. You usually just tell me that I’m giving you exactly what you want. But every now and then…you give me a little hint about what else I can do Read more ›

It looks like this might be a quickie

I’ll make this quick and let you get straight to the archive!


I never wink back at fireflies

If you wink back, you’ll never get rid of them! No, I think that is the Freddies… I like fireflies.  I used to catch them by the dozens so they’d light up the jar bright.  But I always let them Read more ›

I’m gonna tell you a lot of things

  Sometimes I talk more than others. But I always have something to say.  And I’ll do my best to make sure you hear it. Maybe I’ll even repeat myself. It still happens in an all RadiObituary episode, like this Read more ›

The B’s Knees of 2014!

Finally!  The B’s Knees of 2014 are ready to share with the world! Whet your appetite with the archive and then go buy as much of this fine music as you can.  And, as always, tell them Bubbles in the Think Tank sent Read more ›

You know I like being surrounded by such voluptuosity

  The silliness is titillating. The listeners are charming. The show, downright bewitching. Let this archive ravish you and let us know how it goes.


You ain’t seen such shaking hips

It’s not that you haven’t been looking. Sometimes they’re right there in front of you.  Sometimes they’re hiding under the covers. But they’re never far away.  Usually, they’re moving around in the studio while you’re busy facebooking through the show. Read more ›

All I can say is if I were a gate I’d be swinging

I’m always swinging.  Whether you know it or not. Even during the RadiObituaries. And this RadiObituary RetrOspective should be enough to make you understand why.

Whatever you do, please leave the bed unmade

    There’s just really no need to waste your time with it. We worked so hard getting it that way. So why not just crawl back in with me and this archive right now?


She never misses, she gives me all that she’s got

Oh, I wouldn’t say that I *never* miss. But I do what I can to get as close as possible. I really do try to put my all into the show.  I want to make sure you get all you Read more ›

Taking place undercover

It’s not like we’re trying to hide anything at Bubbles in the Think Tank. That’s the last thing we’re trying to do.  But somehow sometimes it still seems like our little secret. People don’t know.  They don’t understand.  Until they do. Read more ›

It’s never dark when she’s around

Well, it may be dark, but I try to lighten up everything around us. I like it darker than light.  But lighter than dark. I want to be able to see without being distracted. I want to never have to Read more ›

‘Cause nothing that I do, can stop her swinging

No.  There is nothing you can do. Don’t even think about trying. She loves a swing.  She loves to swing.  She loves the swinging. Why would you want to take any of that away? Especially when she’s giving you this Read more ›

I’m gonna make that dream come real

Sometimes you gotta go somewhere to make dreams come true. I know… that often means that I end up leaving you for a bit, but I try to leave something nice behind for you when I do. So here’s a Read more ›

Turn it up and drink it down

I know you all do it when you’re listening to me. You pop.  You pour.  You stir. I have a feeling you even shake it on occasion. You bring it right up to your lips and you take it in. Read more ›