BITTT Records

Bubbles in the Think Tank is proud to present its own record label!

We started in 2012 when we decided to make a record about records for Record Store Day.  Listeners past and present came together to support the projects making life so much easier.  We liked the feeling of that kind of love so much we just had to do it again and again.

So now it looks like we may have a series on our hands.  You’ll want to get in on the action and buy your very own copy of each of these lovelies as they’re printed in 300 copy runs.  That is rare!  But fret not, digital downloads will always be available in mp3 or lossless formats.

Please, browse the catalog and thanks for shopping!

7 Inches in Heaven

7 Inches & Other Delights

Eponymously Entitled

The Petite 7 Inch Record

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