She’s got a slow hand

It says it all - Clapton is not GODBut she does not believe that Eric Clapton is god.  She just won’t go there.

Sometimes I just can’t even muster the energy to get the show posted.  After a show like this one, I can understand why I was spent.

It’s like those hazy moments after you’ve eaten way too much, but you still have to put the leftovers away.  These leftovers were certainly worth keeping.

Another bit in the “funny story” line for this show –

The fabulous (synonyms include: gluttonous, hypertrophied, and stiff) Mike of the Classic Rock Mine oh-so-thoughtfully capped his show off with National Lampoon’s Deteriorata, not even knowing that it is, indeed, a Bubbles in the Think Tank favorite (yes, someone ought to make a list).  A most embarassing faux pas ensued, and it’s not just technical in nature.  Of course, you’ll have to listen to know the whole story.

Tell me your story sometime…


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