Here’s a quick way to know everything you need to know about Belinda

This show is so pre-9/11.

Really.  The date of the show is August 27, 2001.  All in all, a pretty good show.  The first half (joined in progress) is a rollicking leftover and request show.  Belinda has just made her first trip to the (now defunct) Circus & Sideshow in Cleveland, Ed is riding shotgun, Gary gets the giggles, and Andy The Patron Saint of Munchies is providing the trivia.  We even get a bonus Bob Schreve story in the deal.  Sadly, January Fairy wasn’t there that week.

But, me being the thinker (or is that think tanker?) that I am, I started wondering about the weeks to come.  I see in the drawers of cassettes that it is many many weeks before another show is recorded.  I know I was there the next week, but the week of September 11th I went on vacation for a week.  While gone, I contracted an illness that was, for a time, thought to be anthrax.  I was knocked on my ass for months, even being hospitalized for a time.  Because of the long-term fever I ran, much of my recollection of that time is quite dim.  I do remember listening to the show in my hospital bed, using the radio and headphones that I used in the WAIF studios to monitor the show every week.  January Fairy took good care of you (and me) during much of that era.

Where does all that thinking leave me?  I am struck by a feeling of guilt that I wasn’t there for you, the listener, during our nation’s time of need.  Yes, that is a bit of hyperbole.  Much of Bubbles in the Think Tank always has been.  If ever there was a time when you – and I – probably needed to share our silliness the most, that may have been it.

A lot has changed for the show since then, but, then again, it always stays a lot the same.  I think I’ll keep dipping into the archives even as I return to the airwaves on WMFO on March 28th at 10pm eastern.

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  1. Oh we so played the Russian record in all of its Russian glory the next week. I love the innocent announcement of it that clearly indicates a lack of previewing the record. Good times. [2009|03|adba72796b1adffa71d98f19c066e514]

  2. januaryfairy on

    did we not play an all russian poetry spectacular the week of 9/11? in russian no less?

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