Little known ways to relive the past

Ipodular MonkeyAs promised, during this 2 week hiatus of Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST, we’re taking a trip down memory lane into the chest of drawers known as the cassette archive of my Think Tank life.

A random pull of a tape takes us back to December 14, 1998.  It was the era of the Jazz Comedian Series with this episode featuring Lenny Bruce.  The Mad Lib game that night reads like a who’s-who of the golden era of callers including appearances from Andy the Patron Saint of Munchies, Disgrace Cadet (aka Concrete Dovetail), Lord of the Dance, KTUF, Smuff, and oh so many more.  Add monkey-based Mad Lib Music to the mix and you’ve got yourself a classic.  But, beware, the 120 minute cassette just wasn’t enough to hold it all, so the readback is missing from this episode.  Any chance you’ve got it stashed?  Let us know so we can complete the show.

For me, I am stunned at the pacing of the show as I listen to this show from just 10 years ago.  Once the Mad Lib begins, it is as though we’ve sunk into a big comfy couch and are just kickin’ it with friends.  No one is concerned about timing, complete sentences, or much of anything other than being there…and the ritual that is the game.  I admit that I haven’t listened to an old show in some time, but the change in style from then to now is startling for me to hear.

And, with the continuation of our brief hiatus from the air, you’ll get more of the past next week.  Want to help me choose the tape?

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