If you’re from Kentucky, you can beat the odds

Barn, Fence, and TreeKentucky is the saddest state.  Or so says the Centers for Disease Control.

But you’d never know it by listening to Bubbles in the Think Tank.  Oh, we are definitely prone to a bout of melancholy on occasion or even some bittersweet tears.  Yet somehow we are able to maintain the silliest of demeanors even as we talk about death, destruction, discrimination and desolation week after week, year after year.  I don’t know how we do it.

I guess if you add the sparkle of January Fairy to the ever pollyannaish Belinda, you can’t hold back the positivity even when they’re separated by many states in between.

This week’s RadiObituary includes something that usually only happens during the Bubbles in the Think Tank anniversary shows — we’re featuring an episode from the past.  But not just any episode.  It was one that was much ballyhooed in its original anticipation and has lived on as one of the most quotable episodes ever.

My sister, Tina, had won (against remarkable odds) the MTV contest, My Dinner with Michael.  I’ll let her tell you the whole story, plus some, of meeting Michael Jackson as we replay this remarkable (yet highly edited) Mad Lib from April 1992.  You’ll hear long-time and legendary callers including Not Todd (of course), Gene, Maximus, and many others.

As you would expect, the other requisite silliness is in place all for you to enjoy in this archived edition of Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST.

5 replies on “If you’re from Kentucky, you can beat the odds”

  1. If I recall correctly, the Weasel Call pre-dates Bubbles in the Think Tank. I have a strong recollection of Dagmar Haagerstrom blowing the Weasel Whistle with Bill Brinkmoeller in studio.

  2. sb i on

    it was olympian silliness
    (not ‘nati-, not philly-ness)
    golden eggs in the pre-dawn lawn–
    oops, sorry, wrong holiday…

  3. shakerbell interrupt on

    but after four hours,
    won’t we be hungry again?

  4. Not Todd on

    Possibly my least interesting call ever. I’d forgotten how funny Maximus was, though, and can’t believe the Weasel Call was already extant by 1992.

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