Dr. Strangelove Sings The Beatles…plus more!

As promised, tonight, following the Classic Rock Mine Beatlefest featuring 2 solid hours of Beatles in whole and in part, Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST will throw down with a big steaming heap of Beatle detritus.

That’s right…songs loving the Beatles, hating the Beatles, mocking the Beatles, wanting to have sex with the Beatles…plus comedy!

Come for the Rutles, stay for the satanic messages.  Oh, and don’t forget the RadiObituaries sandwiched right in there.

All tonight at http://wmfo.org starting at 11pm eastern.  Can’t make it?  Check back here for the archive soon.

Don’t know who these Beatles are?  This video will explain it all.

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  2. sherry wallace on

    you are great!!! thanks…peter sellers, beatles, wtf!

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