Oh doctor, I’m in trouble

Oh, I could have been in trouble last night.  But I saved myself, and, hopefully, you in the process.

You won’t want to miss this archive of Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST.  Needing a soothing salve for my voiceless throat, my muse (we call her Compuchick) pointed me in the direction of what already has been hailed as, perhaps, the most erotic episode of the show ever produced.  Even with the RadiObituaries…and that’s really sayin’ something.

On top of that, we even went nearly 3 solid hours to make sure not a silly stone was left unstroked.  With Rusty Warren in the mix, well, how could we miss?

3 replies on “Oh doctor, I’m in trouble”

  1. Compuchick (I like to call her RoboBelinda) rocks my world. I finally listened to this episode today and got a big ol’ goofy grin on my face and a chuckle in my overly-large belly every time she made an appearance.

  2. shakerbell interrupt on

    come for silky sibilance
    stay for the jpeg

  3. thanks for providing the menu and guests on the new “note” page as well as the downloads so we can educate ourselves about who-what-and WOW! form-free radio programs with Belinda and Bubblesinthethinktank.

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