So why not treasure your highest pleasure

I treasure every minute of Bubbles in the Think Tank.  Oh, there may have been some moments over these 25 years I’d like to forget, but not forgetting them is half the fun.

Before every show starts, it’s like it’s all new again.  I’m all nervous, wondering if you’ll like me.  I’m groping about for what we’ll do together, curious about where it will all go.

As it happens, I am amazed at what gets you interested, and I love the sensation as you point out what you like.  It makes me want to linger in that area for as long as you can stand it.  But you know I’d never want to bore you, so eventually I will relent and look for your next hot spot of silliness that I can pleasure.

There’s nothing I love more than when I find it.


One reply on “So why not treasure your highest pleasure”

  1. Freddy Stockwell on

    I love that Webb Wilder song, I really do.
    But Belinda Rawlins is the real King of Rock’n’Roll….uh, Queen.
    …Mistress?….High Priestess ?
    …”Grand Exalted Dominatrix Monkey Queen of Rock’n’Roll”…That’s it.

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