Suddenly something fine will shine from me

Even at my worst, I know that shine is there in me somewhere.

You see it when I start to beam at you at the beginning of each episode.  But with blazing speed, we’re so deep in that the dazzle isn’t even before your eyes anymore.

Even if I feel like I’ve  lost my luster for a bit, I know that the next time we’re together I’ll gleam like the glint from January Fairy’s glitter.

And I’ll hope that it’s not just a flash that flames out.

Instead I want it to burn on and on…just as long as this archive will be here for you.  And I have a feeling that’s gonna be a long long time.



4 replies on “Suddenly something fine will shine from me”

  1. Barbara Perrucci on

    B, i agree with Freddy. sending you musical hugs and spiritual strength. your show last nite was spectacular.

  2. Freddy on

    corny mfs corny corny corny…
    I’m starting to babble like Keith. Sorry !

  3. Freddy on

    The show is always a full of musical hugs. Sending you as many as you need 🙂

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