You stay up later when everything’s outside

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You keep me up later than I would be otherwise.

I stay up thinking about what I’m going to do for you next, waiting for you to tell me what you want and hoping it’s something I can give you.

Most of the time it’s because we’re spending that all important time together, that time we never get enough of.  I hold on, I stay late…I just never want to stop.  And then when we’ve got those extras of the outdoors – the cool breeze, a sprinkle of rain, the clouded moon or (dare I even say) my ever favorite thunder – I can hear them all while we go about doing what we do, and they all drown out any of those thoughts of wrapping up and leaving.

Eventually we always do, but it’s always the best when the late turns to early before it has to happen.

And then I can play it all over in my mind for the rest of the week…or just listen to this archive.



One reply on “You stay up later when everything’s outside”

  1. Marshwell Nederick mockwell on

    I’m now officially disappointed , now that I’ve gotten to the end of the archive…..Great opening and closing songs, and great stuff in between !!…..sorry I missed it (insert sloppy seconds joke here ) 🙂 xxoo

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