If you want to give a show, just give a show

bWhen I was a kid, I was totally into putting on shows.  I never so much wanted to be in the front, I was more the impresario type.

I’d convince teachers to let me put together a play.  I organized a neighborhood Gong Show in my back yard. You know the kind of stuff I mean.

I grew up to keep on doing it.  Planning concerts and fundraisers and exhibitions…you name it, I’ll try to organize it.

And nowadays (if you counts this many years as nowadays), I just want to put on a show for you.  I want to get your attention.  I want you to feel comfortable and at ease.  I want you to love the show.  I want you to know that every bit of it is for you.  I hope that by now you do.

Even the archives.  They’re for you, too.


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