I was ready for snoresville, man was I beat

FDFSFEI guess there are really only a handful of things we do together.

Sure, I’d love to do more and more often, but sadly there always seems to be some limit to us.  Not that either of us want any boundaries to our time or attention.

But you know how it is for us at Bubbles in the Think Tank. So greedy, always wanting all the time.  Never getting enough of us, enough of the silliness we share together.

So we do crazy things just to get those little glimpses.  We fly January Fairy into town. We make sure the Heap Big Christmas MadLib gets your sweet voice in my headphones.  We change our plans at the drop of a hat to make sure we get what we need.

And when we’re done, I get soooo sleepy and I just want to snuggle up with the silliness we just made and never let it go.

That must be why we have the archives, so I never have to let our time together get away.



3 replies on “I was ready for snoresville, man was I beat”

  1. Had a silly brouhaha with Mrs. K last last weekend and missed the heap big xmas madlib. Kick Me. So glad for the archive! Diligently working on new poem for the release of BITTT album number three only to be stymied by the lack of words that rhyme with vinyl other than final. Maybe I’ll create a fictional super hero named Rock Ryenul Protector of Vinyl arch enemy of Crum Cruminy Compression. I plan on listening to the read back xmas eve. Cheers.

  2. Andy Noel on

    It was so very nice of the two of you to present The Heap Big Christmas Madlib.
    It just wouldn’t seem like Christmas without it!!

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