Do you make these mistakes with your RadiObituary?

Black Rasp Nola GurtWas it a mistake?  Or was it merely irrational exuberance?

The process of crafting (and yes, it is a fine craft) the weekly RadiObituary segment is a malapert endeavor.  Seeking those recently deceased deemed worthy of recognition punctuated with scurrile comedic content takes a puissance that is one part passion and one part dharma with a sprinkle of piquancy.  A cursory glance at those who may have passed away in a week’s time oft appears on the surface to be uninteresting or just a tough tribute.  With a moment’s thought, who cares about the dude who popularized yogurt becomes a 15 minute exaltation of Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Is that so wrong?

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  1. sara on

    love to see just how belinda’s brain works. any glimpse is a good one!

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