Breathing it in.

Well, January Fairy is still living it up at Oxygen ’09.

The Muffin is so very jealous of her and cried herself to sleep last night because she couldn’t be there, listening to the awesomeness that is NiN, Pet Shop Boys, James, Ting Tings, Therapy? and The Killers. Hold on, I’m not done, just had to breathe. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kings of Leon, The Saturdays, Jane’s Addiction and Felix da Housecat.

But when the Muffin woke up she realized that she could be there. Or at least could bring there, here. Yes, the Muffin is bringing Oxygen to WAIF.

Instead of three days though, it’s condensed into one hour. But wow, what an hour.

We are with you in spirit JF!

Now someone hand the Muffin a Guiness.

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