How you ‘spect to get your corn meal made?

quarterI’ve been thinking a lot about process lately.  Those who know me know that I frequently do, but that’s usually more about organizational process at work.  These days, it’s all about mine.

Stunned to think that Belinda is thinking only about her process?  Feign your surprise elsewhere.

I noted in last night’s episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank the upcoming one year mark of the WMFO tenure and the milestone 20 year anniversary of the show in February.  All this time and I still am not sure how to do what I do.

Given that everything in Think Tank land operates in a full circle fashion, I was greeted today with three listeners’ opinions on how I do the show.  It sounds so overbearing to say it like that, but I love these messages.

When I began my schlabbatical back in 2004, I had no idea what that meant for me and the show.  January Fairy was there to keep the dream alive, and I had no idea what a gaping hole I would have in my own dreamworld.  I dabbled whenever possible in those intervening years but never enough to feel much more than the giddy excitement of just getting my hands back on some buttons.

Now back into a regular groove, I still haven’t quite settled into it yet.  As we’ve told the story on air before, I had no intention of resuming a Bubbles in the Think Tank like program, knowing that I could never go home anymore.  My grand plan was to find someplace where I could produce a weekly short for distribution.  Yes, I could have just done it at home, but I wanted to stay connected with the radio environment.  The big idea was to produce a 5 minute weekly show, RadiObituary, for free distribution to any station that wanted it.  Finding a station locally to make this happen proved challenging, and yada yada yada I got a show at WMFO and decided to include the feature there.  Now just look at what it’s become.

Not that it is a bad thing.

Where am I going with all this?  I couldn’t tell you.  I am loving the RadiObituary and can’t imagine that I could have come up with better replacement/substitute/alternative/exchange/superseder to the Mad Lib Game for the EAST incarnation.  It’s like doing multiple theme shows within the show every week.  But what does that cost the rest of the show…in effort, in element, in silliness?

One thing that never lacks, though, is the love.  And it is good.

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  1. Not Todd on

    I stopped by BiTT West last weekend and it felt like going home for the holidays, without all those relatives you’d rather not see.

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