Vertigonally speaking


No show tonight, you Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST lovers. Your hostess, Belinda, has been stricken with vertigo of all things. At least I can think about Arrested Development, Jimmy Stewart, and High Anxiety. Things could be worse. I’ll Read more ›

But one thing i don’t understand

Ok, maybe a few more things than one… How Arrested Development was ever cancelled. Why Jodie Foster makes such dark movies. Where’s my jetpack? Spontaneous Human Combustion. How I ever got so lucky as to have Bubbles in the Think Read more ›

When we search our own hearts and not others


Each time I undertake another episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank, I’m searching for something. Sometimes I find it by the end of the episode, other times the next day.  Occasionally it takes years.  Good thing I’m not in Read more ›

How you ‘spect to get your corn meal made?


I’ve been thinking a lot about process lately.  Those who know me know that I frequently do, but that’s usually more about organizational process at work.  These days, it’s all about mine. Stunned to think that Belinda is thinking only Read more ›

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