Laugh if you want to or say you don’t care

PeeWeeMaskSlowly regaining balance and achieving equilibrium, awaiting the departure of… oh, it doesn’t matter.

Just try to enjoy this special Halloween episode and I’ll be back with more silliness soon enough.

5 replies on “Laugh if you want to or say you don’t care”

  1. You know, I assumed it was Skipper Ryle, but was not sure. Only the name Glen was included n the label. But it’s gotsta be!

  2. Not Todd on

    This show was worth listening to just to hear the phrase “beatnik ennui”.

    And was that final song by Glenn “Skipper” Ryle or some other Glenn Ryle?


  3. yr etch-a-sketch
    does not fetch
    up on my browser…
    yowzer… [2009|11|924d310a63290f1689f3d5a154aa49ad]

  4. shakerbell on

    what is a fan?
    someone small enough
    to acknowledge another luminary [2009|11|995f192ba8081b33af4244da713342b8]

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