Vertigonally speaking

SquirrelBlurNo show tonight, you Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST lovers.

Your hostess, Belinda, has been stricken with vertigo of all things.

At least I can think about Arrested Development, Jimmy Stewart, and High Anxiety. Things could be worse.

I’ll be back in the saddle next week with all the silliness I can stomach and the Duplex Halloween Hour.

4 replies on “Vertigonally speaking”

  1. I saw many of the films during that phase as well. I did like Vertigo, but certainly not as much as other Hitchcock options…

  2. Not Todd on

    I remember seeing Vertigo in the theater, when they were cleaning up Hitchcock negatives and rereleasing them.

    One of the most beautifully filmed movies I ever saw, and one of the most boring. 🙁

  3. love love love the mel brooks satire flick!!! gotta love hitchcock and mr. jimmy! thanks for sharing and spinning a positive spin on vertigo. so silly!

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