I do what I do, indeed I do

January Fairy celebrated her 10th anniversary at Bubbles in the Think Tank last night.  I’ve just passed 25 years in radio in some form or another with the 20th anniversary of Bubbles right around the corner.

Why do it?  Why deal with wacky stations, the endless fundraising, late nights followed by work the next morning, driving on dark snowy nights when everything else has closed its doors?

Why not do it?  Who doesn’t want to share everything that makes them laugh with their friends?

That’s you, you know?

I’m sure we’re unanimous in this when I say that the Think Tank posse is what keep us coming back week after week, year after year.  Thanks for having us.

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  1. Not Todd on

    Loved hearing Pink Elephants on Parade, and a Happy Ass Lesbian reference is always welcome.

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