Top 10 albums so stop asking! No, really, ask for more if you want…

Tune in for tonight’s Bubbles in the Think Tank for an earful of these!

Chandler Travis – After She Left
Careful, I may swoon.

Terry Adams Rock & Roll Quartet – Crazy 8s
The man understands the value of new product releases prior to tours of Japan. I love it for “There Should Be a Book,”  plus another version of “Imaginary Radio.”

Tennessee Ernie Ford – 6000 Sunset Boulevard
No pea pickin’ heart on this record and I am more than ok with that. This collection is a selection from his radio show recordings of 1200 tunes. I want them all.

Geraint Watkins – In a Bad Mood
Smooth and soulful from the best tunesmith no one’s ever heard.

Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 – Goodnight Oslo
If Scott McCaughey is on it, why wouldn’t it make my list?

Euclid Records 7 inch series
I’ll be honest, these records are so good looking I haven’t even played them yet. I’ve been saving them up to be part of tonight’s party excitement. They just feel so special.

Hot Shots – Teen Street
It was a long wait for this one and worth every second. Within days of getting my copy from Japan, Clang! issued a US release.

Tommy Ardolino – Unknown Brain
Actually, I don’t have the new 2009 vinyl release of this yet, but I do have the Japanese cd version. Not exactly what you’d call easy listening, but it’s a great peek into Tommy’s teenage brain.

Chris Ligon – Look at the Birdie
I laughed, I cried, I got a little creeped out. What more do I want in an album?

Dennis Diken with Bell Sound – Late Music
“No One’s Listening” … that’s just wrong.

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