Believe it, this chick’s no cinch

I’ve been holding on to this image for over 20 year years, just waiting for the right time to put the little clipping into some photocopied flyer that I might eventually staplegun around a neighborhood.  Given the less than likely possibility of that ever happening again, I give it to you now.

I’ve always liked how she holds her whip like a microphone.  It certainly evoked the image of my cognomen of past – The Dominatrix of the Airwaves.  Yes, I need to get out that CKID cassette and get it digitized.

I can’t even begin to list all of the ideas that this little scrap of paper has conjured up for me over the years…but I’d love to hear yours.  Maybe that will encourage me to bust out a few of mine.

Ponder whilst you listen to this week’s show.  I think it’s a real doozy.


One reply on “Believe it, this chick’s no cinch”

  1. oh please do! begin the conjured imagery and bust a line or whip just to be followed (like a madcap lib game) first impulse response from the reader….swak.

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