Who is where doin’ what?


I’ve almost forgotten what was bein’ seen to where and by whom. Fairy was outta town so Lady Red,  Zazuu, Captain Wednesday filled in the button pushing, while KTUF had promo/psa duty. Then Muffin left town and so last week’s Read more ›

I’ll shout myself hoarse for your supernatural force


Sure, I was sounding a little ragged by the end of the show, but what a show it was. The sheer force of good times being had by an lively lot of listeners is enough to power me through my Read more ›

Believe it, this chick’s no cinch


I’ve been holding on to this image for over 20 year years, just waiting for the right time to put the little clipping into some photocopied flyer that I might eventually staplegun around a neighborhood.  Given the less than likely Read more ›