Assuming the position – who’s been bad?

Everything always goes back to Not Todd.

The title of the post is from the lyric of a tune played during last night’s Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST (obviously now available for your listening enjoyment below).

That song was played in the RadiObituary for John Forsythe who starred in Kitten with a Whip with Ann Margaret.

Not Todd gave me that movie for during a Christmas Mad Lib years ago.

Add to that not one, but two, Sandra Berhard tunes and a Rusty Warren album co-selected by him, and you realize that, it is true.  Everything always goes back to Not Todd.

If only I had added a little Paradise by the Dashboard Light, I really would have had it going on.

One reply on “Assuming the position – who’s been bad?”

  1. mucho thanks to not todd!! and of course the collaborated genius of belinda with not todd. rusty and sandra go together” guilty pleasure”! great show as always. xoxox s

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