The time of our lives was in the present tense


From Chuck U. sitting in on the Think Tank EAST: Where would Bubbles in the Think Tank be without Belinda. Find out, As Chuck U. steps in to try to fill those big shoes. Turntable challenged, yet silly enough to Read more ›

Watch out for the booby trap.


It was all in the name of science. And science would never lead us astray now, would it? I mean, gamma rays, spiderbites and plant toxins aside, experimentation can be good. And so Boobquake in the Think Tank occured. The Read more ›

And it was all a dream.


And then Alice woke up and Bobby was in the shower, Sue Ellen wasn’t drunk and JR cuddled puppies and painted rainbows. My favourite Dallas (or Dynasty, Colby’s or Falcon Crest) story is of watching it with my mum (yes, Read more ›

Jumpin’ in the same spiral groove


Where would Bubbles in the Think Tank be without independent record stores? I think back to my earliest purchases and how they set me up for where I’ve ended up.  The second album I ever bought was Lenny & Squiggy Read more ›

I smacked Cliff and nicked his notes


So we have zipped through chapters 1-8 (and some of 9) of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and to be honest, it’s a blur. All this eat me, drink me, tea party, hedgehogs and tarts has befuddled me. So a quick Read more ›

Oh hear me holler and hear me roar


The rest of the week, I’m quiet. Oh sure, I talk a lot at work.  That’s most of what I do some days. But get me to the show and my real voice opens right up. Not that it means Read more ›

Glitch in the what?


We were listening to Alice this week. Much like last week We are ploughing through the audiobook with maybe 8 chapters left. So stay with us for another week or two. As Morpheus said “You eat the red queen’s tart- Read more ›

Assuming the position – who’s been bad?


Everything always goes back to Not Todd. The title of the post is from the lyric of a tune played during last night’s Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST (obviously now available for your listening enjoyment below). That song was Read more ›