Watch out for the booby trap.

It was all in the name of science. And science would never lead us astray now, would it? I mean, gamma rays, spiderbites and plant toxins aside, experimentation can be good.

And so Boobquake in the Think Tank occured. The second week of spring pledge drive also ran its course.

Did we cause an increase in earthquakes around the globe on Monday? Results are in. The long and short of it is… No. There was no increase in earthquakes on Monday.

We did however see an increase in new callers and pledges. Co-incidence or the power of the the Think Tank cleves?

So the Think Tank has decided to try again in a localized manner with a different body part. We just need a clever name for it. Arsevalanche? Assunami? Buttquake? Bueller? Anyone?

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