Them young girls they do get wearied

Setting out to write these posts to go along with show archives sometimes has me feeling like you already know everything I’ve got to say.  If that’s the case, then why don’t you fill me in?

Yet another in the many, many shows over the years where my process is on the table, on my sleeve, in my mouth…whatever out there imagery you need to know that I’ve got to work some stuff out.  The astute in the crowd are well aware that each and every episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST serves this very purpose for me, yet some more than others.

Do I ever know just what the takeaway from a show is?  On occassion, all comes clear.  Other times, I feel like I should just put my head down and take a nap.  Every time, I wish you would just tell me what you hear in there so I wouldn’t have to work so hard to figure it out.

So, please, listen, learn, and share.

4 replies on “Them young girls they do get wearied”

  1. I listened to this show when you did it live Belinda, and I enjoyed it, but I came back and listened to it again tonight (5-6-2010), and I enjoyed it even more. Thank you so much! I loved the middle eastern gypsy soul so much, and also the entire set after it. The whole show was great, and so authentic.

  2. sheik herbal ntrupt on


    building brick on brick
    no escaping the ennui
    one sisturn per week

  3. the dedication and time you spend on each and every show is very educational and meaningful for the listener. i learn something new and grandiose from my own ‘think tank’ of imagery every show and always provides a healthy exchange that helps ‘ work stuff out’ too. i am ate up with music from the past, present and future and there is no other medium like “bittt” that delivers this common love than what you create for us. you are heard and oh so appreciated. thanks, s

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