I wish that I could blame it all on you

Just how many times can I reference “You, the listener” anyway?

You know I like to invoke you whenever I can.

To utter your “name” arouses me to the fact you’re really there with me.

To vocalize your presence reminds me that you’re there to do your part.

To narrate what you’re doing, well, that just gets me a little riled up.

All while you listen to me do it thanks to You, the listener, at Bubbles in the Think Tank.

One reply on “I wish that I could blame it all on you”

  1. I tuned into the stream to hear the Bubbles I missed, and have been having so much fun… and love it… where to begin… the Obits are spectacular. “Freedom – cause the answer to all your sins, is LOVE”…..

    The music throughout the show has been so fun… Johnny’s Yoyo just cracked me up in the first hour. Thank you Bubbles… I am sure the crew over at the Bubbles In The Think Tank Facebook Page had a ball…

    Love You!

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