She’s walking ’round wearing all of my clothes

When I play the silliness that I know you’re gonna like, I feel like I’m putting it out there for you so you’ll think about it all week even when you’re not listening to me.

I want to get in your head and have you remember what I said days after I whispered it to you.

I want to be in your incus and have you hear what I was putting down when you’re in the most non-silly spaces of your week.

I want to linger on you during the week so you’ll come back to me every Saturday night at WMFO.


4 replies on “She’s walking ’round wearing all of my clothes”

  1. sooo sorry i missed the show and your awesome musical guests the CTP players. again, so glad there is the archives. My malleus and stapes remain idle. but… when i download you from the 12-4 bittt show it will speak and stir my whole body including my incus.
    thanks for “putting out” over and over your sincere love and commitment for showering the people you love with love. my incus and other body parts rejoice!!!

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