Then we could crank the heat up and just pretend


But the time I get to the 4th show in 9 days, I can’t tell anymore what is reality and what is radio.  I sure know what feels more real, but the two start to tangle in my mind until Read more ›

With you til the end… and beyond


It was the last BitTT Original of the year. But we’ll be back next year… … In 6 days All shiny and silly in 2011.

There’s a man inside you with his fingers at the wheel


Sometimes it feels like someone else is in control of the show. That’s odd since I feel like I have more control over Bubbles in the Think Tank than over any other part of my life.  I take pieces of Read more ›

Well it’s only the beginning and I pray that it never will stop


Another holiday, another load of radio shows from Belinda and your Bubbles in the Think Tank Posse.  You know we never get enough of you, so these are the perfect times to see if we can at least get enough Read more ›

Merry madlib mayhem


Big heaping christmas madlib. Do we really need to say anymore?

When stockings have been filled it keeps the ladies thrilled


Do you ever feel like you’ve filled up on the silliness at Bubbles in the Think Tank? Do you ever think you should call or email or go to our Facebook Fan Page and tell us to let off a Read more ›

It’s my party and I’ll do what ever I want


English Muffin loves a good party. Captn Wednesday may have been pushing the buttons but Sunday cum Monday was all about Muffin’s b-day. She played her favourite songs. She used her favourite madlib music. She heard from all her favourite Read more ›

Here within your reach, if you’re big enough to take it


Many weeks, I feel like I have to really reach for the show.  Other weeks, the show reaches right out and grabs me. Sometimes it just takes me by the hand and guides me where I need to go, but Read more ›

Beating like a drum


You have our heart you know. All of you. The fact that you listen week after week, month after month, year after year, well, it fills us with love. So yes, you have our heart… Keep the monkey brains and Read more ›

Chandler Travis Philharmonic LIVE in studio!


Fred, shared Valet of Chandler Travis and Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST, reporting for double duty. Sure thing – let’s go play a few songs on Bubbles in the Think Tank to promote the upcoming Christmas Cavalcades on Read more ›

She’s walking ’round wearing all of my clothes


When I play the silliness that I know you’re gonna like, I feel like I’m putting it out there for you so you’ll think about it all week even when you’re not listening to me. I want to get in Read more ›

Three, three, three times the silliness


It was the 333rd day of the year. We brought three times the silliness. We knocked three times. We gave you three steps. We found there’s no I in threesome. But three is obviously not a crowd.