There’s a man inside you with his fingers at the wheel

Sometimes it feels like someone else is in control of the show.

That’s odd since I feel like I have more control over Bubbles in the Think Tank than over any other part of my life.  I take pieces of what is happening around me and use the show to find a way to corral the craziness.

Lately, I’ve been latching onto a phrase in my week that captures its complexity in a few simple words. Somehow it conveys every single thing that has happened without me saying a nonmonologue word.

But it’s the workings of the week that get inside me, that find the easy entry points for the silliness to slip through into storytelling before I can even realize how it got in there.  There’s always so much to take in that it won’t even fit into just one hour.  It surges over the top of the first hour and pushes the next hour of the show right over the edge into even another.

It’s all there for you to see, all there for you to hold on to, all to get you a little closer to me.  Right where I need you.

Every week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


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